J & C Dahlias
J & C Dahlias

Price List 2020

Dahlias By Size or Type

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AA Size - over 10 inches:
202 AC Ben, AA, SC, Light Blend  SO            

211 Nick SR, AA, ID, Red SO

114 Spartacus, AA, ID, Dark R   SO

A Size- 8 to 10 inch:

102 Bloomquist Cayson S, A, LC, Red  SO

108 Harvey Koop A, ID, Variegated  SO
110 Clearview Edie, A, SC, White SO    


B Size – 6 to 8 inches:

412 Angelia Dodi, B, LC, Light Blend SO

462 April Dawn, B, ID, Light Blend  SO

421 Clearview Camron, B, C,  Light Blend SO

419 Jacs Autumn Sunset, B, C, Light Blend  SO

403 Jacs Dorothy, B, LC, Light Blend SO

423 Jacs Easter Morning, B, LC, Light Blend SO

420 Jacs Sunnyside Up, B, LC, FLame  SO


BB size – 4 to 6 inches:

716 Chilson's Pride, BB, ID, Light Blend SO 

715 Embrace, BB, SC, Bronze  SO

727 Jacs Hot Stuff, BB, IC, SO

726 Jacs Ruby, BB, SC, Red  SO

712 Jacs Salsa, BB, ID, Orange SO

702 Vista Lindsey, BB, LC, Yellow  SO



Miniature Size – up to 4 inch:

915 Brookside J Cooley, M, ID, Yellow  SO 

911 Jacs Allemande, M, FD, Orange  SO

913 Jacs Jewel, M, FD, Dark Pink SO

912 Jacs Marmalade, M, FD, Orange SO



Anemone Type:

301 Alpen Fury, AN, Red  SO 

303 Mexico, AN, Purple SO 

307 Sandia Bill J, AN, Red SO

Ball Type:

624 Clearview Daniel, BA, Yellow  SO

623 Cornel, BA, Dark Red  SO

601 Mary's Jomanda, BA, Dark Pink  SO

627 Red Balloon, BA, Red  SO



Collarette Type:

2811 Evan Matthew, CO, Dark Red  SO 

2810 Jacs Travis, CO, Yellow  SO

2803 Kelsey Annie Joy, CO, Orange  SO 

2801 Pooh, CO, Bi-Colored Red/ Yellow  SO



Micro Collarette:

4104 Jacs Audie L., Micro CO, Dark Pink  SO
4107 Jacs Banjo, Micro CO, Purple  SO

4102 Jacs Freckles, Micro CO, Variegated White /Dark Red  SO

4106 Jacs Misty Ann, Micro CO, Variegated Pink/ Dark Red SO

4118 Jacs Zoom, Micro CO, Variegated Dark Pink /Dark Red  SO 


Mignon Single Type 2 inch

3004 Jacs Bubble Yum, MS, Pink SO 

3008 Jacs Envy, MS, Dark Pink SO

3007 Jacs Hope, MS, White SO

3015 Jacs Scarlet, MS, Red SO

3009 Jacs Sweetie, MS, Pink  SO 
3001 Jacs Tinker Bell, MS, LB  SO

3016 Jacs Violet, MS, Purple SO

3002 Reddy, MS, Red  SO

3011 Rival, MS, Red SO

Orchette Type:

1114 Fancy Pants, OT, Lavender SO

1112 Jacs Nola, OT, Purple  SO

Novelty Fully Double & Open Type:

309 Hy Zizzle, NO, Dark Blend Purple/ Bronze SO  

1506 Valley Porcupine, NX, Light Blend  SO

Orchid Type:

1207 Destiny's Blessings, O, Dark Blend Purple/ White SO

1213 Destiny's Teachers, O, Variegated  SO

1211 Jacs Ferriswheel, O, Dark Red  SO
1212 Jacs Starlet, O, Pink  SO 

Peony Type:

1310 Jacs Pink Puff, PE, Lavender  SO

1312 Jacs Snowflake, PE, White  SO
1305 Jacs Tamara, PE, Pink  SO


Micro Peony Type:

1304 Elvira, Micro PE, Dark Pink  SO

1307 Jacs Courtney, Micro PE, Dark Pink SO

1308 Jacs Erin, Micro PE, Red  SO


Waterlilly Type:

1619 Cameo, WL, Yellow  SO

1604 Sandia Susan, WL, Orange SO


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